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Customer projects

Gary Herschberger F7F-2

Gary Herschberger F7F-2 Tigrcat

Gary's F7 Tigercat is powered by two Zenoah G-62 engines with electronic ignition.  Flight performance is very good!

Paul Eagon AeroCommander #1


Powered by two BME50's.  Unfortunately, he lost it due to servo issues.  Make sure your servo's are in good health!  Also, if a servo is laboring, remember to disconnect your servo's and check your hinges and control surfaces; it may not be the servo's fault! 

Paul Eagon AeroCommander #2


Lost the first one, built another.

This time, electric!   I've had a lot of questions about building an electric powered Aero Commander so here are the details as described by  Paul:

The motors are Hacker A60-16L 

 with Mad Dog R/C alumanum mounts which have the same bolt pattern as a DA-50. The speed controllers are Castle HV 80 amp. Running 2 - 6cell 5000mah in each nacelle and they fit nicely. 4 at 60 each at Hobby King.  Gives at least 10 minutes of flight time. The motors put out 3,600 watts each with Meizlik 22x12 carbon fiber props. At 49 lbs wet, that gives me 147 watts per pound which is equivalent or a little more than 50 cc motors. 

Genaro Delgado AeroCommander


Noah Butler's F7F-3 Tigercat


Powered by DLE111's and include Giant Scale Twins scale functional engine exhaust rings