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1/4th scale 500B Aero Commander

500B Aero Commander kit details


Specifications and details

Specifications:  This kit is not an ARF.  

Wingspan: 138"  Outer wing panels are removable for transport.  

Fuselage is 44" wide with wings removed.

Length: 95"

Weight: 36 - 44 lbs.

Wing Area: 2000 sq. in. approx.


Fuselage:   The polyester fiberglass fuselage is built and shipped in two halves, front and rear, mating under the spar in the main wing.  This is by design for cheaper shipping:  The 2-piece construction allows the tail to be reversed and shipped inside the front section allowing for a smaller box that UPS Ground will accept.  Fiberglass parts are laid up with resin and fiberglass cloth as light as possible, with carbon fiber reinforcing strips in the tail section.  Internal fuselage bulkheads are factory installed except for one bulkhead where the halves are seamed by the builder.  I used Fiberglast #77 polyester molding resin, which is recommended to be used to seam the fuselage halves.


Wing: Polystyrene foam, machined for wood and hardware.  1/64th birch ply wing skin sheeting included with the kit.  Sheeting installed by the builder after the wing hardware has been installed (spars, etc.).

Stabilizer: Polystyrene foam, machined for wood and hardware.  1/64th birch ply wing skin sheeting included with the kit.  Sheeting installed by the builder after the wing hardware has been installed (spars, etc.).  Not designed to be removable, but can be modified by the builder if desired.

Nacelles: Polyester Fiberglass cowls and wood build-up.

Top Fairing: Polyester Fiberglass

Engine Recommendations:  Zenoah G-38's engines are recommended as on the original kit design.  My demonstrator shown above is powered with DA-50's give amazing performance.  Brison 2.4's are also a good choice.  Some customers have take it upon themselves to use brushless electrics motors, so that can be done as well.  However, I do not have any experience with this, so you'll have to go it on your own or talk to other builders who have made electric motor powered Aero Commanders for their recommendations on power and propellers.

Kit price: $1,399.99 US not including shipping. 

(Sorry, cannot build turn-key at this time.)

Effective July 1, 2008, Iowa residents add 6% sales tax

Ships via UPS ground domestically in two boxes.

International shipments possible in one larger box.

History of this AeroCommander kit:  The original prototype and molds were built by Bob Francis of California.  The model was then modified for kit manufacture and "large" production by Charlie Spencer of Modaire.  Also, many people think this AeroCommander kit is the "Shrike Commander".  It is not.  The "Shrike" version is extremely similar, but has a longer "pointier" nose, bigger engines and a squared off tail on the full scale airplane.  Wikipedia actually has a very thorough history of the 500B AeroCommander family that you can use for your reference.  Click below to go to that website.

Wikipedia AeroCommander

Accessories Offered

Robart Landing Gear


Landing gear specifically designed for the 

AeroCommander, manufactured by Robart, is in stock.  Pneumatic or electric conversion available. (Electric version shown here)

The pneumatic gear is $745 for the tri-gear set.

Robart Electric Conversion Kit


The electric conversion kit can be added at any time to new or used Robart landing gear.

The 3 actuator set includes a controller.  The actuators do not use limit switches to limit end travel.  Instead the system uses a smart controller which measures the current draw of each motor individually and removes power when it senses the motor has stalled. 

Robart Wheels and Tires


  Wheels & Tires by Robart are also in stock.  Excellent construction yet light and great looking.  Set up for brakes, the main wheel inner hub has no spokes.  Without brakes, the inner hub and outer hub both have 8 spokes.  

The 3" nose wheels has no spokes.  

(Brake - ready set shown above)

Robart Main Wheel Brakes


Robart brakes are pneumatic.  Included with the brakes are the air tank, electronic proportional brake valve, air line, and I also include clips to secure the brake line to the landing gear.  

Cockpit kit and Gear Door Hinges


I offer nose gear door hinges and a  cockpit kit.  Click below to find out more in the accessories page.

GST Accessories