November, 2007 >>  Paul Eagon's Aero Commander!

Paul also has a link to see video of his new Aero Commander in flight!


June 28, 2010 >> Paul Eagon's 2nd Aero Commander!

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Paul has just completed a second Aero Commander, but this time is electric powered!
As before, Paul has a link to see video of his electric Aero Commander in flight:

Specifications from Paul Eagon:  "The motors are Hacker A60-16L at about $225 each I used Mad Dog R/C aluminum mounts which have the same bolt pattern as a DA-50 The speed controllers are Castle HV 80 amp at about $175 each I am running 2 - 6cell 5000mah in each nacelle and they fit nicely.  4 at 60 each at Hobby King  Gives me at least 10 minutes of flight time.
The motors put out 3,600 watts each with Meizlik 22x12 carbon fiber props.
  At 49lbs wet, that gives me 147 watts per pound which is equivalent or a little more than 50cc motors."



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Gary Hershberger's F-7 nearing completion with G-62's and scale cockpit kit!