About Giant Scale Twins:
My name is Jim Oosterhuis, owner of Giant Scale Twins.  Giant Scale Twins is a new company, est. 2006, and is a reincarnation of Modaire Industries, producers of the legendary Aero Commander, Tigercat, F-82 Twin Mustang and P-51H Mustang.  I purchased all of the molds and tooling equipment from Bev and Charlie of Modaire Industries, and will be making the same kits that made Modaire Industries famous!

I met Charlie and Bev in California at an RC air-show in 1998, where I first purchased their P-51H kit.  Charlie, Bev and I became very good friends, and not long after started a new business together, called Modaire Hobbies, which is still in operation in Manteca, California.  In 2003, I moved home to Iowa to the family farm, where I live today.  I farm with my parents during the summer months on the family grain farm.  However, in the winter months while the snow is flying, I will be building airplane kits as Giant Scale Twins.  I will be assembling the kits listed above in the winter months, and farming in the summer months.  That being said, please be patient with me, especially during the summer months!  If I don't answer the phone, please send an email (info@giantscaletwins.com) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.   

Full kit production will not start until late fall / winter of 2007, as I'm just now setting up the business, sourcing raw materials, and building inventory.  However, I am amassing emails regarding interest in the kits.  I will fill these orders first, on a first come / first serve basis, and will let everyone know when I am ready to ship kits!  The kits will be unchanged from the designs Bev and Charlie shipped, and I promise they will be of the same high quality construction! 

About the kits:
Every aspect of these kits is hand-made in the USA!  Fiberglass parts are hand-laid to be kept as light as possible without sacrificing strength.  Fiberglass tape and Rotocell are used to reinforce large fuselage sections.  Wings are hand-cut polystyrene foam, inlaid with aircraft-grade plywood spars and stiffeners.  Leading and trailing edges and wingtips are balsa stock.  Wings are to be epoxy sheeted with cabinet grade 1/64th Birch plywood (included).  Wings can either be covered with Monocote at this time, or laminated with 3/4 oz. fiberglass and epoxy resin  and painted.  Either  technique provides for for fast construction, a beautiful finish and amazing strength!  Included with all kits are:  Fiberglass fuselage(s) and cowls, clear formed canopies / windows; wing joiner hardware (except for the P-51H which has a one-piece wing);  all structural wood and wing skins; detailed assembly manual.

Thanks for your interest!

Jim Oosterhuis
Giant Scale Twins
3973 Nest Avenue
Hospers, Iowa  51238